My laptop transformation history – day 1

So, here I am again in my blog. Just to keep track of my work at transforming my laptop’s software. Now I run Win10 on my latop and two virtual systems for some specific tasks. As I have multiple computer related interests, all the necessary tools was installed on the base Windows system (except two things, what was linux based). So the system become heawy and hard to manage.

Therefore I decided, to build mu laptop a bit differently. My plan is to have base Linux system and all the other things run as Virtual machines, to keep every part easier to manage and change. To strenghten the security, my plan is to move web browsing to separate virtual enviroment, isolated from enything else.

My first step is to copy out existing virtual boxes and create virtual disk from my original system. That is what is happening now.

If you have some ideas, suggestions, tips or critics about my laptop transformatin – you are welcome. 😀

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