Comparing applications for ICC profile creation.

This time I want to test the three applications what is used for profile creation. The first one is Xrite I1Profiler, second is the EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite and the last one is basICColor print 3.

The test is done on one printer with two different papers. The workflow system is FujiFilm XMF, printer is Epson Stylus Pro 7900. The test is done in following way. I print from XMF uncalibrated ECI2002 chart (I1Profiler layout). Measured it with I1Profiler and created highest quality ICC profile from I1Profiler. Then I loaded this profile, as measurement data in Fiery CPS and basICColor print and created biggest possible profile. (in Fiery CPS I did not find the way to tell the size or quality of profile). For all applications I use standard settings for CMYK InkJet. All the profiles was made as V4 ICC profiles. Then I printed from XMF the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge V3, as Fogra39. Then measured it with EFI Color Verifier. And there is the results.

The first paper is EFI ProofPaper 5200 XF Semigloss.

The first one is proof with I1Profiler ICC profile. The profile give the result that Passed the ISO 12647-7 Contract Proof “Media wedge” standards. I think the Maximum is too high and it is in light green (Y40C100) color.EFI5200 I1Profiler

The next one is proof with Fiery CPS profile. I tried to make profile two times, but still, the patch 35 (100C 100Y) was totally out of tolerances. Probably there was some measurement error, but all 3 apps use the same data.EFI5200 EFI CPS EFI5200 EFI CPS 2

The last one was the basICColor print profile. I would call it winner in this round. With all the primaries dE<1 and average dE=1,05. The Maximum was in patch 67 (100C 40Y). EFI5200 basICColor

The second round. All the conditions are the same, just different paper. Paper is Mitsubishi InkJet Paper 349148-200 SM 2076 P.

Again first try with I1Profiler. Again, the result is good and fit in standard. The Maximum is in Patch63 (M40 Y100).Mitsu I1Profiler

Then the results from Fiery CPS. This time the results are much more understandable, than the ones from first paper. Average dE little bit higher than in I1Profiler, Maximum little bit better – Patch66 (Y40 C100). All other things are similar.Mitsu EFI CPS

Last, again, is the profile from basICColor print. The Average and Maximum is the best from all three apps. Also the dH is the best with this profile. And again the basICColor print did the best profile.Mitsu basICColor

I get the best profile from basICColor print, but I still do not like the Maximum dE 4.09. And since I still have some days for testing basICColor Match Patch, I tried to optimize profile – I choose just the colors with dE>3. It was just two patches Patch63 (M40 Y100) with dE 3.84 and Patch66 (C40 Y100) with dE 4.09. And as you can see, the results are very good. No just the Maximum and Average get better, but also primaries become a small bit better. Patch63 go from dE 3.84 to dE 1.48, and Patch66 from dE 4.09 to dE 0.87. Mitsu basICColor 2

I would say, if you must choose software for making ICC profiles for proofers – go for basICColor print 3 plus basICColor Match Patch!

Next time I will try to test measuring part from I1Profiler and Fiery CPS (the testing time for basICColor apps ends in next few days). Leave the comment, if you want me to do some other tests.

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