Testing basICColor Match Patch

I was telling, that I am testing some applications from basICColor. And this time I will tell the results of testing basICColor Match Patch. The nice thing is, that you can get the full working tryout licence for 14 days!

There was a bit more tools involved in the testing. Of course my i1 Pro 2, i1 Profiler and Color Verifier from EFI CPS, to evaluate the results. basICColor claims, that Match Patch is not for full target optimization, but just for single color out-of-gamut optimization, but I did try also optimization from ECI2002 chart. The workflow is FujuFilm XMF version 5.5, printer is Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and paper is FujiFilm InkJet Proofing Paper.

First printout (uncalibrated) was done and first profile created with i1 Profiler. Let`s call it profile V1

Profile V1

The results are really ok, but I was interested to get it even better. So I printed out the ECI2002 test chart, proofing the FOGRA39. And loaded it in Match Patch. Choose the color patches with DeltaE (dE) >2 (there was about 110 such color patches) and did optimize, and get the V2 of the profile. Then printed Ugra/Fogra Media wedge V3 to check the results.

Profile V2

You can see improvements in Average all patches, but Maximum all patches become bigger. Also dE in Magenta become bigger and this is the thing, I do not like. From my experience the red colors are very sensitive on Epson printers. So I dropped this “fork” and returned to V1 profile, and again printed Ugra/Fogra Media wedge V3, proofing the FOGRA39 and loaded the measured results in Match Patch. Choose again the colors with dE >2 and did the optimization. That give me Profile V3.

Profile V3

In this time as you see, almost all the things get better.  Average dropped down to dE 0,9 and also the Maximum all patches become lover and reached 2.04 dE. In primaries Cyan and Yellow become a bit higher, but Magenta become a bit better. So I took those measurements and loaded in Match Patch, to try to optimize profile again and get the V4 of profile.

Profile V4

This time I get the Average improved, but Maximum stay as it was. Magenta become better, but Cyan go more wrong. And one more thing I do not like – CMYK Hye (dH) grow. So I drop the last version and voted for V3 as the best one. To check more colors, I printed the ECI2002 chart with profile V3 and loaded in EFI Color Verifier, to get more information about the results.

ECI2002 V3

So this is the result of ECI2002 verification to ISO 12647-7.

About the test subject basICColor Match Patch it definitely is value for money. If you need to do the fine tuning of some out of gamut colors, then it is good tool. Definitely not the tool for overall profile optimization. Would be nice to have possibility to load custom color patches for optimization. (by measurement or other method)

I hope I will have time, to test some more of basICCOlor products. If I will, you will see the results soon.

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