My color management tools

This time I will tell about the tools I use for doing color management. I must start explaining, that for color management, as for most of things, is science side and practical side. I am in practical side. Using the tools, what the color scientists create. I mostly work with creating ICC profiles and making color calibrations. For monitors and also for proof workflows.

For monitors I am using two tools. i1 Display with the i1 Match application. Or my i1 Pro 2, with the same i1 Match application. The monitors are not the favorite part of doing Color management. But, may be, it is just because I do not have nice and established workflow for it.

But with the proof workflows I am working already long time. Starting with early versions of BestColour (Now part of EFI). Also did a proof calibrations and profiling for Heidelberg MetaDimension and Prinect Printready workflow. Still working with colors in different EFI Fiery products – EFI Fiery XF and Fiery workflows. And also doing the proof calibrations for FujiFilm XMF workflow. If you would ask about output devices – I definitely prefer the Epson InkJet printers. Now most of my customers have Epson Stylus Pro x900 series.

As with different proofing workflows, I had an opportunity to work with different Spectrometers and profiling applications. I started with one of my favorite devices GretagMacbeth Spectrolino, together with Spectroscanspectroline

I tried also Xrite DTP41, i1 Basic and I1 Publish Pro 2. I tried also wide variety of profiling applications. GretagMacbeth Profile maker, i1 Match, Heidelberg Prinect color Toolbox, i1 Profiler and EFI Color Profiler Suite. Last two are still in my color toolbox.MBP_XRite_i1Pro2

So my actual tool box have i1 Display, i1 Match, I1 Publish Pro 2, EFI Color Profiler Suite. But it does not mean I am fixed with this set of tools. I did some tests also with basICColor softwares and find there some nice features. But testing the new tools is worth separate post.

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