My first air pistol

When I decided to start shooting the target with the air pistol, I needed some things. Place where to shoot and the air gun. This time I will tell you about my first gun.

I decided to go for some cheap, single load, 4,5mm pistol. Just, to understand, if I like this kind of shooting. And I get my first pistol: Umarex Perfecta S3

Umarex Perfecta S3

I know, this is not a target pistol. But, to understand if I like it, it was ok. It is simple and plastic. The sights is plastic and weak. The pistol itself weight is 1kg. The trigger was very heavy. And it still is, despite the modification I made. To make a trigger a little bit easier to press, I removed the handle, bend the spring stopper a bit, to make spring pressure not so hard and removed the part, what releases the main spring and make the corner smoother.

S3 Spring

Now the trigger is still hard, but this operation improved the accuracy a bit.

Together with the gun, I bought also pellets. The firs ones was pointed pellets. Soon I recognized, that it was not good for what I want. So I find the nice wadcutter pellets, I am still using: Gamo Pro-Match

Gamo Pro-Match

This is my first set of “tools” for Air pistol shooting. I am practicing from 10m on 17x17cm ISSF Air Pistol 10m targets. My personal best with Umerex Perfecta S3 and Gamo Pro-Match pellets is 76 points per series and 426 per session.

But I have already plans for new air pistol, for practicing: Gamo PR45 Compact. When I will get it and try – will let you know the impressions.

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