Part 2, My first job interview abroad.

This is second part in series about looking for job abroad. To be honest, there was no job interview. But, since I promise heading like that in previous part, let’s keep it.
I pack my suitcase, get ready and went to Amsterdam. All the trip was planned with budget in mind. Later I find some more possibilities to save up, but still I am quite happy with my trip. For my job hunting experience it was great addition. I flew to Amsterdam with Czech Airlines through Prague, since direct flight to Amsterdam with AirBaltic was more expensive. I spent seven days in Amsterdam. I was booked the place in dormitory room in cheap Hotel – Hotel Princess, sharing the room with 3 more roommates. Until now I newer was sharing the room with unknown people, but it was nice adventure and I met some really interesting people.
Before I will start to introduce You with my experience with potential employers, I will tell You about my impression about Amsterdam. At first, as I live in quite cheap hotel, I get an impression, that I am the only one who come to Amsterdam without the goal to taste light narcotics. 🙂 I find so much people using it, and almost everywhere in entertainment zone. I did not participate in entertainments myself, but possibilities there is almost unlimited. I was also in excursion to Red Light District. Since I saw the same districts in Germany (Reperban), I was not surprised too much, but my friend from France tell me, that it is the first time he saw the sights like that. I also visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum and Heineken tour. Both expositions impress me a lot and was really complementary.
Oh, yes! Almost forget to tell You about my job hunting. I have agreed with company about time for test, and if the test will be successful – after few days there should be an interview. So I hope to combine all the necessary activities. When I went to test, I was scared and worried. It definitely did not give an addition to my results. I met the necessary contact person, he show me the place behind the computer and show the exercise. During the hour, I spent there, I still can not feel myself relaxed enough. 🙂 After the test, we agreed that I will get the information about the results within the next few days. So, I spent 7 days in Amsterdam, but still did not get any information. In day before I leave Amsterdam, I get the information, that there will be no interview this week. So I get back to Riga and keep waiting for results. I wait one and half weeks more and just then, after my question about results, I get the answer, that my result in test was not sufficient and they will not offer the interview for me.
Until now this is further point in my job hunting actions. So I group and analyze my experience and the job hunting abroad is continued. Wait for next part!

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