Looking for Job abroad? Part 1, Preparation

This is first part in a series about looking for jobs abroad. I’ll shortly describe my situation. I live in Latvia, that is an EU country. Now I am working in printing industry, previously it was software support and service. I have experience working in an international company, with plenty of traveling. Latvian is my native language and I’m good in English and Russian. That’s a little bit about myself, to see where I started.

When crisis hit our company and printing market in general I made a decision to look for a job abroad and relocate. I did not look for unqualified jobs.

Since I have no experience in job hunting, I started with different job post websites and sent my CV to different position offers with no success. Then I met some interesting and qualified people in LinkedIn and they give me great advice. First task is to understand what position interests You and what position You are qualified for. Read as much job ads as possible for that kind of position and find out what qualifications employers are looking for. Then look at Your CV and highlight the points on Your CV, that are necessary for that kind of position. Do not lie!

So I made a decision to focus on customer support roles and use my language skills as additional value. There are some vacancies where Latvian language is necessary. And since I have experience in customer support in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and also did some customer training in Romania and Iceland, I sent my CV and carefully prepared motivation letters to apply for these positions.

So I started to get some responses (do not think You will get 100% feedback. 🙂 If You get 10-20%, it is good enough). Feedback also means the information, that  my application will not be processed further. There were some companies looking for local candidates that did not offer relocation package. Then I made a decision, to relocate on my own and arrange a job interview. That means some investments with high risk. 🙂

So now I have a test and possibly a job interview. When I come back I will make the next part “My first job interview abroad.”

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