My Android HTC Tattoo

There is a lot of different reviews and informations about different phones including HTC Tattoo. And I did a lot of reading before I choose one for me. Only thing I know exactly before getting new tool was – I want it with Android OS. As three previous phones was also from HTC and I am really happy with them, that was not so hard to choose for me.

So I want to share a bit “intimate” details about my phone – applications I find useful for this device. I You also have Android device, feel free to add Your suggestions about what applications You think is worth to try.

1. People – it is build in address book application from HTC sense. Option to connect Facebook profiles to Your contacts and synchronize contacts with Gmail account is excelent.

2. Peep – one more build in application from HTC Sense – helps me to keep in touch with my Twitter account.

3. Data counter widget – nice small widget to keep an eye on my data usage.

4. LinkedIn – LinkedIn client.

5. WordPress – to check what happens in my blog, when I am on the road.

6. Shazam – as I never remember song titles and artists. Now I can tag the songs I like.

7. Google Map – to keep me on the road. And latitude, to keep my friends informed – on which one.

8. DrShopper – now my wife can send actual shopping list from webpage.

9. Astro – nice file manager for my device.

10. Bubble – nice virtual bubble level.

So these are my favourite applications by now. There is still some things I miss, but I hope I will find them in App Market soon.

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