Did we always benefit from using local products?

As You can see I am not an active blogger at all (yet). But today I want to share my reflections.

These my reflections come from my new phone. I just get Android driven HTC Tattoo. I like it’s integration with online social networks! It is great, that You can link Facebook profile to Your phone book contact. Synchronize address book with Your google e-mail account, etc.

So I find out, that there is not so much of my friends in Facebook. Why? Because a lot of Latvians use local social network draugiem.lv. There I find most of my friends and contacts and there is not so much people having both Draugiem and Facebook accounts.  Yes, probably Facebook get Latvian translation too late and using local products is good. But it means loosing existing advantages of globalization. Call me technofreak, but I like these nice small features we get from globalization!

This example is not the only one. The same was with Navigation maps. Latvia has strong local map provider – Jana Seta, who build quite good local navigation software. But again, I think it was the reason why global map providers like, Navteq and Tele Atlas mapping Latvia so slowly. Back in time, when You can see in TomTom navigators Estonia and Lithuania covered close to 80% of roads, Latvia has just approximately 60%.

I am still really patriotic about local products, but in my opinion, small countries and languages like Latvian must focus on translation of global products, instead of creating our own local versions.

Let’s make Global things local. 🙂

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